Is there any tool or software that gives an interface to user to manager automation tests and generate custom dashboards?

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Looking for a tool that helps to manage all our automated test cases in selenium and give an interface to manage them

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 QAppAssure is a tool that helps a software tester in viewing test metrics in the form of the following insights:

1. The percentage of successful automation tests can be seen in the dashboard. It shows success% by build version for a given app, success% by journey script, by OS(can further be seen based on OS version), and by making of the mobile device(can further be seen based on model) for a given build.

2. The percentage of failures can also be seen in the form of pie charts. The pie chart can be further analyzed by OS and Make/Model of the devices selected for running tests. 


3. There is an option of viewing test history by filtering date and time (of start), make, model, OS, app, build, journey script, test cases. The rows represent test runs in the form of device info, script id, build id, test date and time. The page details can be seen in the form of screenshot, recording, logcat, any information captured by the devices.

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