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I an 5 years experienced Automation tester(Selenium Webdrver) and have completed ISTQB FL. What are the other certifications I take up related to Agile/Automation/IoT/DevOps/Mobile Testing?

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Craig Kam replied on January 25, 2019 - 5:02pm.

Hi.  While all the testing and tool certifications are good, I recommend looking into a software quality certification.  Something like CSQE.  It is my opinion that having a solid foundation in software quality is the gateway to a long and successful career whatever software industry career you choose.

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You can join online Selenium course to prepare for various Selenium testing certifications. As part of the online Selenium training course, you will master Selenium IDE, RC, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid.

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Hey there!

If you are looking for mobile testing, I would suggest you Appium Certification 

Appium is an open-source, cross-platform test automation tool for native, hybrid, and mobile web and desktop apps. We support simulators (iOS), emulators (Android), and real devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac).

Why Appium?

  • You don't have to recompile your app or modify it in any way, due to the use of standard automation APIs on all platforms.
  • You can write tests with your favorite dev tools using any WebDriver-compatible language such as Java, Objective-C, JavaScript (Node), PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, Clojure, or Perl with the Selenium WebDriver API and language-specific client libraries.
  • You can use any testing framework.
  • Appium has built-in mobile web and hybrid app support. Within the same script, you can switch seamlessly between native app automation and webview automation, all using the WebDriver model that's already the standard for web automation.

Hope you will find this helpful!


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kriti shah replied on December 16, 2021 - 9:46pm.

ISTQB Foundation Level software testing certification (CTFL) is a career essential for anyone testing software. Whether you test software all day or just part-time through Agile, DevOps, or Continuous Delivery, you need ISTQB Foundation Level testing certification (CTFL). 


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