Testing approach for 1 week's Sprint for Agile Scrum

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Rosie Shakya asked on December 30, 2017 - 1:21pm | Replies (4).

What is the best testing approach for 1 week's sprint in Agile Scrum?

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We all know that web developers love agile .. but software testers not as it might be difficult for them to perform complete testing at one sprint. 

Agile testing involves testing as early as possible in software development life cycle. It demands high customer involvement and testing code as soon as it becomes available. The code should be stable enough to take it to system testing.

Typical test plans  in agile includes:

1) Testing Scope

2) New functionalities which are being tested

3) Level or Types of testing based on the features complexity

4) Load and Performance Testing

5) Infrastructure Consideration

6 )Mitigation or Risks Plan

7) Resourcing

8) Deliverables and Milestones

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@Alisha - The points you listed are good for Agile Test approach. But wouldnt automation planning for N-1 sprint be important criteria

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I agree with automation plan, please share more insights on that thought, Thanks


answer to person is Why 1 week and why not 2-3 week?

What are you trying to accomplish in 1 week?  Are you going to go through all agile scrum framework?

Testing is done after developement is done so there will be lots of back and forth between Dev team and QA team.  Unless most of everything is done in autometically  you will be spending lots of time tracking what everyone is doing.

Personal opinion is 1 week sprint is not effective agile 

good luck

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