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Jackie Walker asked on April 29, 2015 - 12:51pm | Replies (12).

We currently have our test cases in Excel and our test cases are hard to manage. Can onyone recommend a good management tool.


Jackie W.


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Hello Zackie -

I guess "good" depends on your definition. What problems are you currently experiencing with Excel? Could you use google documents? Is there someway you could take out the repetitive information (click on this or that) and focus on the outcome (add a book to cart) to make the test cases much smaller?

There are certainly test case management systems out on the market; some are free. I do some work with Zephyr, which has a <10 user free license. They do add another layer of complexity and extra typing. 

Good luck!

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Hi Jackie


I do urge you to take the 'emotion' out of your decision making for a tool. A few years back I had a similar task in that I had to make a recommendation for a TCM & Defect tracking tool.

I followed a suggestion from a collegaue in that I created a spread sheet of all the elements that we desired in a tool (rows). In the columns we had each tool candiate (based on support availability & cost - to get a subset). For each tool we gave an indication of whether it supported each of the elements we desired (row) with a full, partilal or not at all. We also had a 'weighting' on the rows in terms of what was most important to us as a team / business.

Otherwise you risk buying the most "popular" or the tool that most people are familiar with ... which is the current situation I have at the moment. The decison to buy a tool had no "rhyme or reason behind" it other than what somebody had used in the past. The tool is too expensive for the organisation & is partiuclar non-friendly to people who do not have a testing background.



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HI Jackie, I work in a software testing company in Japan and have a simple test tool that might be lilttle help? It's not suitable for big projects, but is easy to use for some small daily tests. 

Let me know if you have any questions or commetns!


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Hi Jackie,

Answer will depend on your needs (automation?, cloud?...). They are a couple of lightweight and good solutions in the cloud like Hiptest (hiptest.net) , Testrail (testrail.com)

Hope this helps 

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Test Management Software Tool that help teams to manage and track their software testing efforts. Its intuitive web-based user interface makes it easy to create test cases, manage test runs and coordinate your entire testing process.Well Modern test management software tool is beneficial for you try it.

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I prefer to tell "Bugzilla Testopia" it is a test case management for Bugzilla. It is designed to be a generic tool for tracking test cases, allowing for testing organizations to integrate bug reporting with their test case run results. 

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If you have access to an Oracle databse you can use APEX to develop a tool custom to your needs. If you want more information let me know!



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Use Testlink, its free and can be imported and exported in excel sheet and hence the team won't have a challenge adopting it

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HP Quality Center

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Zephyr for JIRA & Testlink are the  best in the industry.

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Alex L replied on September 15, 2015 - 12:43am.

We use Rally.


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The Zephyr for JIRA plug-in is an effective test management tool. Though I would advise you to create your test suite in Excel first because of ease of navigation, you can export it into Zephyr for management, execution and reporting. Zephyr complements JIRA by helping create and clone test cases and test cycles, for successive builds. Related test cases can be linked for ease of execution, and they can be stored under Labels and retrieved easily. Zephyr has a basic reporting scheme which will give you the status of test suite execution. Your basic test management requirements can be adequately met with Zephyr for JIRA.

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