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Hi everyone,

I am a CS graduate student taking a course on Software Engineering. I would like to eventually do a project on generating test cases from software requirements but first I would like to understand why there aren't more tools doing so.

It would be great to have your response on this!

Any help would be appreciated.




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 Today testing has become easier with the help of automated testing, allowing you to check for bugs in critical journeys on a wide variety of device types and OS in one go. Test Automation has advantages of the decreased cost of fixing bugs by 5X over the long term, run more tests with a minimal cost increase, increase the scope of coverage, and easier way to find defects. I use a tool called  QAppAssure, it is a platform for mobile experience testing automation, which automates your testing process using an industry-unique integrated platform to ensure every release is bug-free. With an On-field and on-cloud devices availed testing, which helps the app owner understand both the sides of the coins that are the bug faced by the current users and also before release too. Integrated test management also makes it easy to use all Jira and CI/CD tools in one place and also reports all bugs from all the destinations with the support of Multiple Frameworks like Appium, Calabash, Espresso, UI Automator, XCUITest, are supported.


Hope it helped clear your doubts.

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