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Tim Thompson asked on February 16, 2021 - 9:46am | Replies (2).

With Microsoft Test Manager being abandoned by Microsoft we are looking for a suitable replacement.
A relacement tool needs to have these core features
- hierarchical structure of test suites
- parameters per test case for populating predefined values and creating iterations
- decent reporting
- integration with Git/GitHub
- well documented API

Any suggestions are welcome.

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Hey Mate!  


I am associated with the software testing industry but I have never got a chance to work on Microsoft test manager. But considering the fact that you need help to cope up with your needs related to the Microsoft test manager, I would suggest you use various Test & Feedback extension which works in Chrome, Firefox, and will be supported in Edge Chromium once it becomes generally available. However, the idea works only well for the manual testing requirements.  


I am sharing this information as I once had a conversation with my friend who was associated with a project based on a Microsoft test manager. In his opinion, there’s no specific replacement for the Microsoft test manager.  

In short, you have to rely on different tools and technologies to meet all the defined goals. Meanwhile, I’ll even try reaching out to my friends who can share any detail on this.  

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We reviewed over 15 different test management systems and our top choice was Tricentis qTest, which turned out to be prohibitively expensive. We then settled on Inflectra SpiraTest. The migration was difficult, but we managed in the end by writing our own tools. We now are on Spira for over six months and it serves us well.

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