Practical experience in agile vs devops environment?

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Who can tell about his practical experience to work in a Agile and DevOps environment? You can for example think of questions like below:

  • What were for example the general advantages and disadvantages?
  • How was the relationship/atmosphere within the team?
  • Which was more succesfull at the end?
  • What do you prefere and why?

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This is a huge question, but it seems to be positioned as either/or. 

DevOps is just about bringing ops, programming, and test together, mostly through automation.

Agile is about collaboration, small chunks of work, valuing done work over done documentation, etc.

I see the two as compatible.

DevOps allows you to release more often and with less risk. Agile implores you to release more often but doesn't tell you how.

So you could say that DevOps enables Agile.

So do 'em both!

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