postgresql and sql server performance compare

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Mike Work asked on May 23, 2014 - 11:26am | Replies (1).

I am looking for a tool to validate postgresql performance as compared to SQL Server, something other than HammerDB.  

I am currently using Hammerdb to compare the performance differences between SQL Server 2012 (on Windows Server 2012) and Postgresql (on Linux), each of which are installed on comparable hardware.  I am looking for a tool to compare my findings against.

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Performance is an application specific type of activty. You will have a hard time finding a resource on the net that gives you a direct comparison of performance between the two. For features, you can look for something like this:


For validation purposes, 'explain plan' is what you want in order to understand the performance of your application. Here are some quick resources to help you get started:

You can then compare the results between the two plans.


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