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Neha Nirmal asked on August 19, 2016 - 6:53am | Replies (2).

What are the attributes responsible for the increase in response time in page load time test?


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There are a number of things that can affect page load time:

database queries

images on the page

components on the page

how the browser process HTML and javascript

data on the page

number of calls to the server



If you want to investigate your product speciifcally you might start with a proxy tool like fiddler that inspects everything sent/recieved over HTTP. A performance tool like JMeter will also display this information.

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Many factors can contribute towards a slow page load time such as chatty conversations, unoptimized encrypted files, network latencies, unnecessary calls to unused HTML or JavaScript components and the list is endless.

Identifying such issues is just one step towards rectifying them. One should be able to further analyze the factors from HAR files, PCAP files, Systrace for devices. Sometimes, there are repeated network calls when a connection is established. These can lead to chatty conversations. The best way to rectify such issues is to take the help of testing tools such as MOZARK Application Testing platform that helps you in identifying the real problem behind a slow page load time. 


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