Needs to set up a Mobile Application Test Lab.

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In our Organization we are planning to set up a Mobile Application Lab. Could you please help me in identifying the needs of the lab and its maintainance

  • Devices and equipments required (Mobiles of different platforms,tablets,macbook,kindle,sim cards with 2G and 3G, wifi, lan connection)
  • Emulators/ Cloud requirement
  • Lab security Maintainence
  • Set up requirements and maintenance.


1 Answer

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briefly a few more points, hopefully it will help

1. Please decide which network you like to have for your lab : a secluded one or the organisations network. (DMz Vlan e.g.)

2. Also, decide which service you plan to hire for testing .. cloud? (it will help you plan better your setup)

3. regarding devices: please reflect on your business demands as well as service provider/partner like perfecto.

4. Of course, you may need a good locker to keep the physical devices safe.

5. lab preferably should have access card reader.

6. Provision for SIMs.


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