Migration from dropbox to sharepoint require a certified developer?

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One of my friends suggested I migrate to SharePoint , but I don't have much idea about it and currently facing some issues while migrating , does it really require a skilled person or any other field developer to do it

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No, a qualified developer is not always necessary when moving from Dropbox to SharePoint. Those who are familiar with both systems or competent IT specialists can handle the migration procedure. Although certification may show proficiency, it is not a necessity for this particular task.

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Migrating to SharePoint can offer numerous benefits for businesses, such as improved team collaboration, centralized document storage, and streamlined workflows. However, migrating to SharePoint can sometimes be complex, depending on the size and complexity of your existing system.

While it is possible for a skilled person with SharePoint knowledge or a field developer to perform the migration, it is highly recommended to have someone with expertise in SharePoint or experience with migrations to handle the process. SharePoint migration involves several considerations and technical aspects that require careful planning and execution to ensure a successful transition. Developers having Splunk certification can help you migrate this.

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