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Anne Gyurnek asked on November 17, 2021 - 1:52pm | Replies (3).

Our QA team has just started to work on an automated test strategy for our agile process and have been considering a low code approach. Is anyone using a low code product like Mabl or Leapwork for their testing? What has your experience been like and would you recommend a low code approach? 


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We have been using Mabl for a year now and we have not faced any hiccups yet. I give my full recommendation.

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Though I have no personal experience of using Low code products, I would still recommend to stick with it. It will not only help you reduce the time to market with faster release cycle but is actually a very agile approach that helps you with all the productivity you need. The best part is you can use it to ensure higher risk management and faster transformations.  

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As my 9+years of experience as an software engineer and software tester, I will recommended TestingWhiz for low codeless testing. I personally used a lots of automation testing tools but I mostly prefer TestingWhiz.

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