Latest advances in performance testing

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What are the latest advances in Performance testing?

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The best way to find that out is to either attend, or get involved with people that attend top level performance workshops like WOPR.

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Performance testing continues to evolve to meet the growing demands of the modern enterprise. It’s no secret that the industry has upgraded from its predominantly manual roots (rooms full of QA personnel administering tests) to a world influenced by automation. Also, change has occurred in the application types and systems under test. Further, the business application testing process has been altered by the proliferation of mobile devices (think IoT) requiring a human to machine and machine to machine interaction. As the testing environments change so too the ways that test practitioners approach their to-do list. We see some trends on the 2019- 2020 horizon that will influence the theory and practice of performance testing. These trends are:


  • As Shift Left continues, more Devs will be working on performance tests

  • Increased reliance on defining test processes as code to create efficiency in CI/CD pipelines orchestration

  • Increased use of APM to support Shift Right performance monitoring

  • Greater repurposing of functional testing assets

  • Increased use of AI and APM to fully automate test processes

  • Continued support for the bimodal enterprise

  • A broader approach to testing Enterprise Resource Planning applications such as SAP




There is a testing tool called QAppAssure. It simplifies integration with Jenkins/JIRA/Slack/TestRail and acts as an integrated test case management module to assist in managing a firm’s testing teams. It provides both APIs and UI options to integrate QAppAssure with CI/CD tools, issue management portal, test case management portal, and messaging channels and raise pre-configured bugs report directly from the portal.

Hope it helps you!

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If it comes to the future of performance testing, one thing that is a focus for all the developers and testers is integrating a user-centric approach into the process. It refers to anything and everything that is concerned with the use of the application such as device, operating systems, browser usage, etc.  

Apart from these, some other essential performance testing trends that must be kept in check by the testers include: 

  • Use of the shift-left approach 

  • Testing in production 

  • Use of AI and ML 

  • CI/CD Pipeline Orchestration 

  • Application Performance Monitoring 

However, it is extremely necessary that development companies should work with a right Quality Assurance Service provider to have maximum benefit out of performance testing initiatives.  

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