Is it valuable for a prospective BA to have an MBA and/or M.S. in IT?

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I'm in my early twenties, looking to make a career change to Business Analsis. My undergraduate degree is in philosophy, and my professional experience is in customer service and sales. For personal reasons, if I am ever to work for a graduate degree, now is the time.


Would an MBA and/or a MS in IT Management be valuable in a business analysis career, either in breaking in OR advancing in that field at some point in the future? Thanks!

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It can be if you are seeking a path in management or are working at a large company. People that want to go the manager / director path often have graduate level degrees. They are more effective when they come from top level universities, too.

I don't have a graduate level degree and have been perfectly happy running my own consulting company, and then selling that to be partner in another.

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