Is it the end of the roadmap for Selenium IDE Firefox extension?

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Thanks for sharing! The IDE was really a blessing for generations of automation testers; I would even oppose the statement that "recording tools are infamous among test automation engineers": I've never came across any negative remarks about it though I cannot claim to have enough statistical material about that. Anyway, the demand for such tools will remain - and it must be met.

An example of such a solution is Screenster. It is a visual regression testing tool for screenshot-based verification of web UI. After first execution it creates a visual baseline for a page, taking a screenshot for each user action; and during the next run it takes a new screenshot at each step, compares it with the one from baseline and highlights differences. Here is how it handles automated visual regression testing of Gmail UI.

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It's sad that record and playback tools are considered obsolete.  They can add so much of value, despite what is being said.

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