interview questions for 2 plus year experianced

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I need interview questions for 2 plus years experiance in testing.

I have done manual as well as Automation(selenium) tesing.


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A lot of what you are going to ask will depend on your own team's context, and project needs.  If what you really need is someone who can help measure the products performance, then your questions will lead in the direction of performance testing.  If you have need of an end to end black box tester, then your questions will be different.  I think you should consider your environment, your culture, and then figure out how to ask questions that reveal how that person will fit on your teams.   After all, you can hire the best tester in the world, but if you expect them to be in the weeds writing a heck of a lot of automation for deployment checking, when they don't know how to program at all yet, then you will be in an akward situation.

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No edit button for answers..... One more thing, if you really want a solid experienced tester, consider turning the interview into an audition.  That's right, Test the tester.  Good ones will adapt and find a way to test an idea, whether it is fully abstract or able to be diagramed on a white board.

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