I'm looking for a good Test Case Management tool that is in JIRA or integrates with JIRA

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Any recommendations?

I've trialled:

  1. Xray
  2. Kanoah
  3. QTest Manager -  this is very similar to HP ALM
  4. JIRA - create a new issue type in it
  5. Hip Test
  6. qTest Scenario
  7. Qmetric
  8. Test Collab
  9. Test Rail
  10. Test Link

My organisation currently uses HP ALM.

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You did not try Atlassian's Zephyr? It can be found in Atlassian Marketplace. You can create test cases there, view them as Jira stories and link them to Jira defects. Full version is not free though.

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One of our testers used Zephyr before and didn't rate it. So we didn't consider it. The interface is a bit clunky.

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After several tials, we went with XRay and have had good success. We did decide to follow a process where all of the test assets were put in their own Jira project.

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We use Zephyr and it's fine most of the time.


It is not possible to search for test cases by test cycle+another filter... but you can group tests by label and try and find them that way. Not great, but there you go. The people who created Zephyr don't seem to be completely motivated to fix some annoying quirks like that, but otherwise it's good, and we really value its integration into Jira.


You can also upload test cases from a spreadsheet, and some of our testers like to write test cases in spreadsheets as that's what they are comfortable with. As their QA manager I can't see the value in that, but some people have their way of working and if it works for them, then fine.


All in all I would give it a 6.5 out of 10.

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Thanks for pointing me in the direction of qTest Manager. Unfortunately they are not transparent about their pricing at all... you have agree to be contacted by someone in Sales. Not a great way to start a long relationship with a company so we will continue with Zephyr or look elsewhere.

All the best.


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There's a JIRA plug-in called Zephyr for JIRA - http://getzephyr.com/products/zephyr-for-jira.

It extends the JIRA issue type and includes a Test type, allows for editing of test cases as required, creation of test sets/suites, integrates with Projects/Releases in JIRA. Seamlessly links between tests and bugs.  We prefer to use 'Capture for JIRA' to do the screen shots and make use of it's templating ability for defect reports and then add the JIRA ids to the tests.  It allows traceability between JIRA Stories/Improvement requests/bugs and tests.  Allows for creation of ad-hoc test sessions (exploratory testing). Has some canned reports, allows some integration with JIRA dashboards. Records execution history.  Like HP ALM there are some quirks with regards to naming structures.  It has a few problems around the way it assigns tests to a test set when using filters to import test cases (usually somewhat out of order).  

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I think Test Rail is quite good to work with JIRA. It has a specific field in the test case section that refers to a JIRA ticket number. So you will have a good idea in mind when you look at the test cases about which issue were they all about. Or if you open a ticket from JIRA, you can see the list of test cases regarding the issue as it is displayed at the screen.

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Thanks everyone for your input.

We ended up going with Adaptavist Test Management https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.kanoah.test-manager/cloud/....

Here's a copy of the review I wrote for the tool

I was tasked with finding a replacement for HP ALM. This was due to HP ALM being very expensive and dated. The replacement had to be a good manual testing tool with the capability to support test automation.

  My organisation is a finance firm based in Sydney, Australia. We primarily follow Agile Scrum and use JIRA for our IT projects. I reviewed over 20+ tools that were either JIRA plugins or standalone applications (like HP ALM). These tools included Xray, TestRail, Zephyr and QTest. We already had JIRA running so the preference was for a JIRA add on rather than standalone tool. Test Management for JIRA was the most suitable tool for us because: 1. For manual execution it has an excellent layout and is easy to use. Ironically many of the testing tools in the market have a very poor layout and are hard to use. 2. It is tightly integrated into JIRA which makes raising defects super easy and fast. 3. It has excellent support from the creator Adaptavist. For example, we identified an IE issue and raised it with Adaptavist. The issue was promptly addressed in an update. 4. It has an API for automation 5. It is very well priced After the pilot of Test Management, the feedback was very positive and now it’s being used in our organisation as a replacement to HP ALM. We're very happy with Test Management and I'm glad to see they have a road map of enhancements they are working to. Please get in touch if you have any questions. More than happy to help.

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Lucy Zhang replied on November 28, 2017 - 3:44pm.


Glad you found a suitable tool. If you ever decide to switch again in future, might I suggest Plutora Test -- you can get a free demo here. Integrates with Jira and Selenium, accessible interface, and useful features for better visibility (such as the requirements traceability matrix). Solid support team as well.

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Well, I would to suggest you that simple go with Kualitee. It is integrated with mutiple tools like JIRA, bitbucket etc. Kualitee is also providing a free services for startups just go and sign up to try it first.




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For easy test management, ReQtest is the perfect tool for intuitively managing tests, track bug and manage requirements online.

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Great to see Daniel chose Adapatavist Test Management for Jira, it allows you to track, manage and optimise your whole test lifecycle in right inside Jira. It's packed full of rich enterpsie features, it's intuitve to use, is contsnatly updated and offers world class support.

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Did you migrate any of your HP ALM assets ?

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Hello Daniel,

I hope you will see this message. I am really interested in why you chose Test Management because your needs seem to be the same as in my organization. Can i ask you if you are still happy using Test Management today? If not, what are you using at the moment? How do you manage the automation of your tests?

I am trying to find a good alternative for JIRA Zephyr and as I can see you have trialed many different tools. 

Thank you in advance for your help. 





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S Faisal replied on January 7, 2019 - 2:35pm.

We liked X-Ray and are using that at our Houston Lawyers portal as it integrates well with JIRA. 

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QAppAssure is an integrated testing suite. Through QAppAssure platform QA Engineers can easily integrate the CI/CD server, Issue Management portal (eg JIRA), Test case management tool, and access test reports and dashboard. Users have access to a test cloud comprising of real devices on-field (real world locations globally connected to real networks) as well as on-cloud (in datacentre, connected to secure wifi). Easy to integrate various other development tools, including JIRA, TestRail, Jenkins and others. The history of test results are available through drill down dashboards, from which raising bugs is easy (along with screenshots, logs)

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A great platform for appium and selenium mobile app testing is QAppAssure by MOZARK. You can test on-cloud and on-field devices, across 100+ device, make and models, Integrate with Jira, CI/CD tools and also use Appium, Calabash, Espresso, UIAutomator, XCUITest.

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