I need help on creating a test plan for infrastructure testing.

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I have been assigned with a new task infrastructure testing, which i know less about infrastructure testing. They require a test plan and test case which i think is different from the application test cases. also require the best practice regarding that type of testing.

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Hello Keitumetse!

For an instrastructure test plan, I would suggest starting by asking for /use cases/ of the infrastruture. For example, provisioning a virtual server of various OSed with 5 minutes.

From there I would find out about negative cases - what if the private cloud is out of disk, out of memory, etc - what error message comes back? Should service get slower on other VM's that are up and staying up? etc.

Of course, I'm making some assumptions above. Infrastructure is a pretty broad term, and you could be doing something completely different. The point is to figure out how the customer could use the tooling, then create happy-path and 'if things go wrong' path test ideas that we document and discuss with our customer.

Here's the real hint: If you can engage the customer in a conversation on what they want or expect to see, then you're halfway there ...

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