I have created “Mobile Testing Training Plan”, Can anyone review and provide the feedback and improvement suggestions

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Ashraf Ahmad asked on February 22, 2016 - 7:02am | Replies (3).


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Topics Introduction to Mobile Testing 1. What is Mobile application testing? 2. Why is Mobile testing important? 3. What do you need to be a good mobile tester? 4. Types of Mobile Applications 5. Mobile Application SDLC

Mobile web applications 1. Overview 2. Types of Mobile web apps: a) Non-responsive applications b) Responsive applications 3. Testing mobile web apps 4. Technologies used to develop

Native Mobile Applications 1. Overview 2. Types of Native apps: a) Device-specific applications b) Responive applications c) Hybrid applications 3. Testing native apps 4. Technologies a) OS API b) App Store c) Device capabilities

Unique Mobile Testing Considerations

  1. User Experience
  2. Network
  3. Data Storage
  4. Operating system
  5. Jail Breaking
  6. Hardware/Device capabilities
  7. Security

Mobile Testing Platforms 1. Introduction 2. Desktop browsers 3. Mobile Emulation 4. Cloud Testing - AWS Device Farm 5. Physical Device testing 6. Remote Device testing

Mobile Testing Techniques 1. Exploratory Testing 2. Device Access 3. Security Testing 4. Performance Testing 5. Compatibility Testing 6. Submission Guideline Testing

Tools for Mobile Testing 1. Multi platform testing tools 2. Android Testing tools 3. iOS Testing tools 4. BlackBerry Testing tools 5. Windows Mobile Testing tools 6. Remote Device Access Services. 7. Outsource/Crowd source testing services

3 Answers

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Sorry, I don't have answer for your entire question, but here is an option that should be considered as part of the solution for mobile testing.

MyCrowd is a self-service testing platform that affords you instant access to a global community of 35,000 testers who can methodically test your product.  We are geared for all manner of pre/post-release testing; Perform bug-hunts in your TestFlight/Crashlytics or on any combination of device/os/browser.


Pay-per-bug pricing keeps things simple and economical. Try us out for a one-off test!


Get a free month of our pro plan here (TestFlight integration included): https://pages.mycrowd.com/registrations/new?affiliate_deal=83c10c00-cd1d-4f1d-8780-27490cceaa8e

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Release cycles are shortening like never before! Automation testing, is now, thus, a necessity. To support faster time to market, fully automate your regression tests using our recently launched QAppAssure Automation Testing platform.


Read through MOZARK’s recent blog on How QAppAssure can help Automation Testers leverage our APIs and real device cloud to reduce their testing times.


And don’t forget to avail your free trial. It’s FREE for a limited time period!


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