I am new to automation testing of mobile aps.what is the best free tool to work python automation?

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sam auden asked on December 10, 2015 - 1:32am | Replies (3).

I am new to automation testing. I heard that python can be used for automation of scripts. Right now, I am working with python language.what is the best free tool to work with Python and automation?. Also, I am also interested in using of python as a front end scripting language for client side in place of Java script. what is the best IDE to work with Pyhton as scripting language for web applictions?

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Hello patel,

I am sorry for my very late response as I  had been to U.K for official work. 

Thanks for your suggestion. Right now, I am working with Selenuium tool which i had asked to work with. I definitely, lool at TestingWhiz automation tool. What kind of scripts TestingWhiz supports to write our scripts?




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One of the best tool which I have used for Automation Testing for Mobile Apps is TestingWhiz. This tool provides the optimum test solution, which helps you to verify & validate the functioning of the mobile apps with a continuous integration workflow. TestingWhiz is powered by Appium, which is much better to use and more user friendly as compared to Python, so would suggest you to try its Free Enterprise version.


Thank You...

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