I am conducting a survey about Test Automation tools and I was wondering if you could help me by responding:

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It's a survey on usual test automation tools ( open-source vs commercial) and what people think (and want from) about them.

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Open-source software refers to that anyone can view the application source code while Сommercial software is produced and distributed for commercial purposes. This article focuses on open source vs proprietary software that is distributed for a fee. However, various commercial software models exist, including free commercial software. The benefits of commercial software include support guarantee, timely updates, and patches. While being free and customizable, open-source business software comes with hidden costs relating to maintenance, training staff, and security risks.


Regarding test automation, there is a testing tool called QAppAssure. It simplifies integration with Jenkins/JIRA/Slack/TestRail and acts as an integrated test case management module to assist in managing a firm’s testing teams. It provides both APIs and UI options to integrate QAppAssure with CI/CD tools, issue management portal, test case management portal, and messaging channels and raise pre-configured bugs report directly from the portal. I hope it helped you in some way.

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