How to use Selenium with C# in Visual Studio Code?

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 How to use Selenium with C# in Visual Studio Code?

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Follow these instructions to utilize Selenium with C# in Visual Studio Code:


1. Download and install Visual Studio Code and the.NET Core SDK.

2. In Visual Studio Code, add the C# extension.

3. Open Visual Studio Code and create a new folder for your Selenium project.

4. In Visual Studio Code, open the integrated terminal.

5. Launch a new C# project by typing 'dotnet new console' into the terminal.

6. In the terminal, type 'dotnet add the package Selenium.WebDriver' to install the Selenium WebDriver package.

7. In the 'Program.cs' file, write your Selenium tests.

8. Save the file 'Program.cs'.

9. Run the tests by typing 'dotnet run' into the terminal.


That's all! In Visual Studio Code, you can now write and execute Selenium tests in C#.


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