How to transition from Systems Administration to QA

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Jamel Porceli asked on February 19, 2017 - 5:25pm | Replies (1).

Hello Everyone,

My experience has given me the ability to apply technology, in many forms. As a systems administrator my responsibilities have included support of various operating systems, scripting languages, vistualization software, web applications, etc. I have related course work in Computer Programming (C, C++, Java). Unfortunately, I dont have a Computer Science Degree. I'm interested in contiuing my education in Computer Programming to eventually get a degree.

Would a hiring manager consider my previous work experience for a QA position? 

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Software testing is one of the few white collar fields people can still get into without a degree. Here is a piece I wrote recently on the subject that might be helpful:

Also, since you already have technology experience, I think you are in a good place. Highlight the problem solving skills you have developed over the years working as an admin.

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