How to test a pen that it can write up to 45kms

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Navita Arora asked on February 5, 2014 - 1:21am | Replies (4).

For example: A company has claimed that they have created a pen that can write upto 45 kms, how a tester can test this pen that it is correct and pen can write up to 45kms. What kind of test cases will be required.

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Exhaustive testing, take it for a 45km marathon. Pens write until they run out of ink, not sure how you would measure  the ink used and distance written.

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That was the mail question that how would we measure that whether pen is capable of writing 45kms or not :)

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Love tbe question!

Should I test the pen - or should I test the claim?

If the pen cannot basically write what is the point of seeing how far it can write.

If the claim is made to say our pen will write a long time - yeah - lets start with the basics and break down the key pen variables - if we can demonstrate that the pen is a useful pen in the context expected by customers (considering the many important business technical organizational and cultural factors) - then and only then is it interesting to start getting into claims testing.

I say -  do not check to see if the pen can write for 45km - we can always write thinner lines and with less density to strech our writing to any distance - this is BOGUS - what matters is that the business claim meets it's business goal.  Our pen must be better than the competion - side by side endursnce testing may be interesting.

cheers and write well



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Mark Iler replied on February 19, 2014 - 3:21pm.

45 Kms is about 27 miles so I would think that would take an enormous effort to manually test this.


Some sort of robot rigging would have to be devised. As well, in doing so it would give you the opportunity to see how well the pen performs at its end of life (does ink flow evenly as it did when the pen was new).


If a fast and dirty test is all that is necessary, then measure the weight of a given line and then calculate to see if the pen holds enough liquid.


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