How to reduce testing effort of an application that has many business rules providing complete coverage?

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Krishna b asked on February 10, 2015 - 7:31am | Replies (6).

For example, there could be multiple outputs for one input depending state of the application or one input can have only one output also. 

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oh that's easy. You can't.

Complete testing is impossible.

Google "the impossibility of complete testing."

So reframe it not as how do I get complete testing, but what should we do first, second, etc, in the time was have, to do the best possible job?

One way to do this is to code a second program with the same requirments, feed them random input, and look for differences. The differences are  bug, or, at least, a different interpertation of the requirements. It is possible both programmers make the same mistake - in which case it looks like a reasonable mistake.

It's likely you won't have budget or time for this, which is good - it tells you the company views testing as an investigation of a certain amount of time/effort to reduce risk, NOT a pursuit fo complete coverage. After that, just test it 'till the time runs out and be transparent about your plans.


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Combinatorial testing

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axshara s replied on February 26, 2015 - 1:33pm.

Group the requirement & business rules based on use cases.

From boundary value & Pairwise testng.

testing efforts can be reduced and it will be an quality deliverable too...

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like Neill has already suggested, consider combinational testing..

consider several algorithms.. e.g.: Microsoft PICT.

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Yes, we can say that testing everything is not possible. But who's going to buy an application with flaw. Once encountered after implementation it's definitely pretty hard to work on the issue at this stage. But as you said we can increase coverage to cover most possible area. How about having an automation strategy for testing complex apps? If opted for bet suitable tool for your application, definitely you can reduce testing effort. Got a comparison article for various testing tools here -

Apart from the solutions mentioned you can also get database testing from TestingWhiz and Selenium. Hope this helps you.

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Khan MD replied on April 28, 2015 - 6:30am.

1. Preparing the High level priority test scenarios 

2. Executing the Test cases of test scenarios with time estimation

3. Rechecking the Impacted areas at peak time to avoibd breakage of application

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