how to get strong base for manual testing? what are best resources?

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I am new to testing and my mentor at the company is asking me to get my base strong with regards to manual testing. I know java and made few demo projects with selenium - browser automation and rest assured - API testing . They are expecting me to have better test cases coverage and base needs to be strong . So , anybody knows few blogs/resources from which I can get my foundation strong?



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Building a strong base for manual testing is about improving your analytical skill. It needs you to enhance your perspective on factors that can affect the end-user experience regarding an application or website. Moreover, manual testing is more of a practice that needs consistent efforts.  

You can even try to practice some constructive communication with your team to explore the greater dynamics of manual testing from experienced people. Moreover, it needs you to be informed of general behavioral patterns that users of a particular type of app or product tend to have.  

Besides, here is a quick link that you might like to consider on your way to becoming a progressive manual tester.  


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