How to find a bug in Android mobile app? Can we trust latest Android app testing services for bug fixing?

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I think Android app testing services is essential as it tend to use storage space inefficiently. Are these effective in fixing bugs? Can you suggest some tools for android app testing?


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I'm sorry, this question seems to leave a lot of information off the table.

What problem do you have?

Once we've identified the problems that mere humans doing actual testing can't solve, the "gap", we can start to look for tools. (Or, in some cases, the opportunities that tools could do to speed things up.)

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Sorry, I really don't understand which latest android app testing services for bug fixing that you've in your mind, but I suggest you to use innovative testing methodologies and best practices to ensure quality of mobile applications... Just try the tools like Robotium, Appium for mobile applications testing to get your app tested in a much faster, deeper and wider manner...

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Tips to Track and Hunt Bugs

You might be curious to know how to track and eliminate them. Well, experienced and skilled testers might already know how to track most of these bugs and fix them. Those who don’t have strong knowledge of how to find bugs can refer to the below strategy. By having a strategy in mind, you can easily track and hunt bugs in your web application. But, a successful strategy requires proper planning, management, and discipline.

Tips on how to find exceptional bugs:

  1. Lateral thinking -  Lateral thinking is when you solve a problem by an indirect approach, and it usually involves seeing the issue in a new way that no one else has previously. Essentially, it’s examining a problem with a creative mindset. After all, it’s hard to find bugs without thinking outside the box.

  2. Communication skills - The ability to communicate with other members of the team is essential for any exploratory tester. This allows you to coordinate with additional inspectors, determining who will work on a particular aspect of the testing, so you do not overlook any part.

  3. Technical skills - Some types of testing do not require vast technical skills, only a familiarity with the basics. But exploratory testing may look at the full stack, from the user interface to the layers of software underneath, so you must have the skills to understand the programs and general coding.

You can use a platform like QAppAssure I recently came across, which allows you to test on-cloud and on-field devices, across 100+ device, make and models, Integrate with Jira, CI/CD tools, and also use Appium, Calabash, Espresso, UI Automator, XCUITest. You can run unlimited parallel tests with the free trial pack. It enables continuous mobile app testing

to deliver a seamless connected experience. This tool

helps Automate your testing process using an industry-

unique integrated platform to ensure every application

release is bug-free. I personally use this tool for testing


and to date, it has given me really good results.

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When you are planning to take an application to the play store, it becomes necessary to work on every aspect of app testing. The inefficient use of storage is just one aspect and is related to performance testing of the application. As long as it is concerned with hiring android app testing services, you can always rely on a professional and experienced QA and software testing company to help you align with your quality goals. 

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