How does a software engineer get started into testing?

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After a huge amount of software development, I am becoming very interested in product testing. I am unsure how to get started, although signing up here was a start :-)

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I have been focusing recently on the aspects of Python that have to do with unit testing and command line testing of individual code modules with embedded confidence tests.

Fully testing my own software to the best of my ability has been important to me since the beginning. As an iterative coder, I add a few lines, test repeat... and avoid what I call the "Major Hack" where you change so much code, you cannot intuit what has gone wrong.

I would like to get work as a tester, and I don't know the path, other than to say on my resume I want to test software, and I know a few tools.

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I posted your question in the TechWell Hub and got a couple responses. This one stood out to me...

"I think if someone has an innate sense of curiosity it is also a good start.  There is something in the mind of a tester that makes them want to click all the buttons, to go down the rabbit hole with a sort of "where does this lead" thought.  Being open to creating scenarios in your head about how a user could approach the software you are testing is also good.  Then, just use that curiosity and creativity to start testing, especially on something that maybe you have developed."

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Craig Kam replied on January 21, 2019 - 2:30pm.

Hi.  I have been helping new Software Quality Test Engineers get started for many years.  Software Quality, like many fields, has its own unique set of skills.  With your SE experience, I am sure that you would have a solid foundation for a software quality job.  You may find my blog helpful in getting a general overview of the analytical skills required for a test engineering job.  Let me know what you think and good luck.

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