How do i train Business analysts in testing?

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As a QA Manager, I've been requested to train my wider team that includes Product owners, business analysts to train them in software testing that's relevent so they can lend a hand as my team has been significantly reduced due to losses.

Any strategy you could suggest or guidelines to how to go about it will be helpful please?



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Hi Rekha,


I’d recommend you train your wider team, particularly the Business Analysts, to look for potential quality problems in the text of your software requirements. That way, they can help you to test the quality of requirements, even if they don’t have much knowledge of coding. I suggest you encourage your team to look at the language of requirements for ambiguities, complexities, omissions, duplicates and inconsistencies.


I find that testing the quality of requirements reveals how they can be made more complete, which helps teams to reduce rework, reduce time spent on responding to scope changes and deliver software faster.


I’ve put together some thoughts on which part of the requirement is the most important to test for quality, which might help you to get started with your training project. You can read my suggestions in my article that uses examples from BDD. Scroll down to the section called ‘BDD user stories could handle who and what more effectively’:


Could training your team to find quality issues in the text of requirements be helpful?


Best wishes,



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