How do i set the default app to open an work item.

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Dave Kriz asked on June 30, 2015 - 11:49am | Replies (1).

I Have both VS2010 and VSTestProf 2013 installed.  When I get a work item H-links sent to me it opens in vs2010. IS there a setting I can set so that all links open in vs 2013 test Proffesional?



1 Answer

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Is there a reason why you need 2010 and 2013 installed?  Easiest solution might be to unistall 2010 however, I too have versions 2010 and 2012 installed and I dont have this same issue.  Perhaps its how the project was created.  Do you know who the admin is that created the project?  They might be able to determine why work items are associating to the 2010 version.


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