How can I enforce a check-out process for virtual test machines (hyper-v)?

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Mike Walter asked on September 27, 2016 - 2:44pm | Replies (1).


I manage a rather large number of virtual machines as one of my roles as a testing manager.  There are a lot of testers that use these various machines for different configurations, automated test execution, etc.   I try to manage who's using what via spreadsheet but with a large number of people it's an imperfect process in need of some attention.   Is there any process or tool that others have found useful to perhaps create a checkout process for virtual machines and enforce it?



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Hi Mike,


I have had similar problems before. We tried using a wiki for a while, and had some success, but it wasn't perfect. The testers would slowly stop using anything that took more than a few seconds to edit. The wiki was quick, but not quick enough apparently. You might try asking the team what they are willing to deal with as a long term solution, and why they don't like updating what you have now. I find that people are more amenable to solutions they come up with on their own.



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