How can I certify my current product on a new SQL Server version?

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How do people certify their product against a new release of an OS, Server side OS, IIS release, SQL Server version, Java version, .Net, etc?

Our current process is to run our regression suite against the product, but as our suite has gotten larger with more and more products this is now too time consuming. Does anyone know of any specific tools that can be run to test your application for compatibility with updated versions of the above components?

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I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by certify. My suggestion is to develop a simple, reproducable, highly-automated routine that checks key things. Run it on that server, use the app for a bit, then declare you "support" the version of SQL. That doesn't mean that everything just works - it just means that you will take support calls.

Some vendors, most likely microsoft, have a "name of OS certified" process. You could follow that.

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