How to automate the test running process using TestComplete?

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We are endeavoring to coordinate tests in our day by day constructs utilizing TestComplete, so far we have a machine devoted for testing and our fabricate content duplicates to this machine everything TestComplete requirements for its tests (Application, Database, Test content venture and source documents, and so forth). 

Essentially we can open the TestComplete venture physically and run the tests. 

Presently we need to computerize that procedure, so how would you do it? Or on the other hand how would you think would be the least difficult and most ideal approach to make this robotization? 

Keeping it short, we need to robotize the way toward opening TestComplete after each form, run every one of the tests and send an email with the test outcomes.

1 Answer

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Contact Smartbear about TestExecute. It's an automation tool designed to take TestCmplete scripts and run them hands-free. It starts from a command line. If you already have a method to duplicate your test environment for hands-free operation, adding a line to th end of the script to run TestExecute should be trivial. I've done something similar where test script development happens on one machine, is packed up to a central repository, and a Python script on the hands-free machine grabs the lastest tests and data and starts TestExecute. The script is smart enough to e-mail the test results to me when done. Such scripting can be done in Powershell, BASH, DOS Command line, or whatever scripting language you like.

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