Hii I wanted to learn the software testing tools??which tools r best in growth with good pacages??

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Pavani pathri asked on February 23, 2016 - 1:22am | Replies (7).

Hii I wanted to learn the software testing tools??which tools r best in growth with good pacages??

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Software testing through Automation is considered as one of the most trending methodology these days followed by many software testers as well as QAs, in the overall Software Testing/development life cycle. With the help of automation testing, one can get more effective as well as efficient software test results.

Depending upon the functionalities, there are various good Automated software testing tools. It totally depends upon the need and requirement of the tester, say for example, some needs Web test automation, some needs to automate Database testing or Cross-Browser testing, etc.

Some of the best and must learn software testing tools which are mostly preferred by the testers & QAs, and also which can offer a long term career are:

1. Selenium,

2. TestingWhiz,

3. Watir,

4. Ranorex,

5. Sahi.

Few tools among these like TestingWhiz, Selenium, etc. provides multi-functionalities, and hence are used by many testers/QAs. Further among these, TestingWhiz is a codeless test automation tool which is easy to learn and implement. You can download its 30 Days Free Trial version and experience the actual automated software testing.

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Ava Rivard replied on February 24, 2016 - 7:46am.


Here are short overviews of various kinds of tools http://testmatick.com/software-testing-tools/ .
The choice of tools depends on the specifics of the project… Anyway, I hope the link I gave will be helpful for you.


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I suggest you to find list of software testing tool expertise here http://bit.ly/nous-testtools to manage your software testing process with significant reduction in time and costs for the test process... I hope it may helps you!

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The best way to approach the Agile testing is to first outline requirements and expectations for your time constraints. Of course, it's best to find a tool that streamlines data retrieval system preferences by evaluating your application results with the QA needs of your company. It's good to set forth an allocation of tasks that relate to your testing team and remain flexible with changes necessary for action, ensuring that there are no major setbacks if any.

Try Zephyr, http://www.getzephyr.com/resources/whitepapers/building-hyper-productive...


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1) TestProject - TestProject is the world's first free cloud-

based, a community-powered test automation platform

that enables users to tesroid, and iOS applications on all

operating systems, effortlessly. Easily collaborate with

your team using Selenium and Appium to ensure quality

with speed.

2) QAppassure, by MOZARK, is a great platform if you

are a QA. You can use this platform to automate your

tests, as it allows you to test on-cloud and on-field

devices, across 100+ device, make and models, Integrate

with Jira, CI/CD tools, and also use Appium, Calabash,

Espresso, UI Automator, XCUITest. It also makes

migration easy. It enables continuous mobile app testing

to deliver a seamless connected experience. This tool

helps Automate your testing process using an industry-

unique integrated platform to ensure every application

release is bug-free. I personally use this tool for testing

and to date, it has given me really good results.

3) Squish By FrogLogic - Solve your Mobile test

automation challenges with Squish for iOS and Squish

for Android. Squish features dedicated support for

automated-testing of native Mobile Apps, Mobile Web

Apps as well as a mixture of both.\


And answering your question, there are very few tools that actually provide results and have a good package right? I would highly recommend you to use QAppassure, as it is one of the easiest tools that a person can use to learn. It simplifies integration with Jenkins/JIRA/Slack/TestRail and acts as an integrated test case management module to assist in managing a firm’s testing teams. It also provides both APIs and UI options to integrate QAppAssure with CI/CD tools, issue management portal, test case management portal, and messaging channels and raise pre-configured bugs report directly from the portal. Do give it a try!

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If you are looking for the best software testing tools that could help you in the long run, some of the best options that you may consider include: 

  • Selenium 

  • Appium 

  • Katalon Studio 

  • Kobiton 


Learning these tools will help you have the support of the entire open-source community that are using these tools, just in case, you find anything struggling with the real-world test conditions. Moreover, these tools will give you a thorough exposure of website, mobile app, and software testing so that you can have your hands on the basics.  

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Start with Eggplant. It is easy to use and plenty of applications.

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