End to End testing in Agile projects

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Jo Rand asked on August 10, 2017 - 11:27pm | Replies (4).

I am interested in hearing your thoughts on how End to End testing across multiple applications could/should be managed across agile teams, where the teams are responsible for an application/system with integration with another application/system.

I'd be interested in knowing how other companies handle this from a strategic and project level.  Thanks

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This depends on how the integration works. When I have done this in the past, one team was responsible for creating data in a specific format that other services could comsume. The other team was responsible for testing that their product could consume data in that particular format. We also found that it can be useful to have a task on the work queue for a person to spend some time testing how different products integrate. 

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As per me, it is a very critical topic for large agile programs that are executed. In fact if there are clear stories on interfaces and integrations, it can be kept in scope of a sprint and tested. Few more thougths from practical implementations

1. Add tasks in the beginning of the sprint keeping in view the interfaces that are available and can be tested.

2. I have actually added a parallel team that works on the items that slip or constrined to be part of sprint. This parallel team does the interface testing, non-functional, e2e scenarios etc. This parallel team had stories that need to be tested and validated before each program increment. Basically sprint teams work in sprint and these parallel teams works outside the sprint but with in program increment.

FYI - Prg inc. is nothing but set of 4 sprints together that delivers a meaningful module at the end of it.

Hope this helps if not ignore :-)


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QAppAssure is an integrated testing suite. Through QAppAssure platform QA Engineers can easily integrate the CI/CD server, Issue Management portal (eg JIRA), Test case management tool, and access test reports and dashboard. Users have access to a test cloud comprising of real devices on-field (real world locations globally connected to real networks) as well as on-cloud (in datacentre, connected to secure wifi). Easy to integrate various other development tools, including JIRA, TestRail, Jenkins and others. The history of test results are available through drill down dashboards, from which raising bugs is easy (along with screenshots, logs) 

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When you are working in an agile environment, things get tricky as you need to ensure results with speed. Some of the few things that can be done to manage the end-to-end testing in agile projects is: 


  • To plan and frame requirements in order to define a relevant test environment 

  • To ensure the system (software & hardware) should respond well to the needs 

  • To have proper testing techniques and methods to have required responses 

  • To design effective and relevant test cases 

  • To run tests, process results, and check them for their actual and expected values. 

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