'efficiency testing' ?

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Lin Sargent asked on October 26, 2016 - 8:48am | Replies (2).

What do you guys think the specifc requirements for 'efficiency testing' would be. The same as those for load testing/response times?

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Is this a quote from some document? I did not recall such a type of testing in any of projects I've been to, but I believe it must be related time of response to user input. First of all it should be clarified what metrics are to be used for measuring the level of efficiency, after that some requirements could be developed.

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Yes it is.I'm in the process of creating a really robust & re-usable test strategy & have a few source documents.

I've not heard of it either - just wanted to check I've not missed anything - I think it maybe a made up term!

Thanks for your reply.


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