Does Selenium Web Driver Support Switching Between Windows In I Phone or Andriod.

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Am using selenium Web Driver for switching between the windows.

using java script for opening the new window


After opening the new window i need to perform some actions on the newly opened window and then close it and switch back to the old window.

mentioned above works fine in Windows and Linux with all the browser combinations ,but fails in I Phone and Andriod.

Please provide what cause for this ,why this opening a new window does not work in I Phone or Android.

There are very few resources regarding this issue even they are very uncertain,please kindly provide the information regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance.


3 Answers

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It has been a while since I've tackled this issue.  I remember on Windows, Linux, and Mac, that you had to make sure you had a reference to both windows, so you could switch/close.

However, I wonder if the issue you are having on tablets is because they don't tend to open multiple window instances (as opposed to new tabs).  That would be my guess for why your approach is not working right now.

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