Does anyone know of any good tools/techniques to test Microsoft Active Directory & Forefront Identity Manager

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Mike Royle asked on April 21, 2015 - 10:41am | Replies (1).

I am writing to enquire if anyone has had any exposure to testing of the following applications and can offer any advise on the use of particular techniques or tools that have proved useful.  any assistance you could offer would be most appreciated.

 - Microsoft Active Directory
 - Microsoft Active Directory Application Mode
 - Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager

The challenge
development and configuration changes made to one or more of the applications detailed above  can have far reaching/unwanted implications, both in the applications themselves and for upstream/downstream applications they interact with.   Functional/front end driven testing alone will not provide confidence from a regression perspective

The solution
A tool/technique is required that can inspect/export/compare triggered configuration/code/data changes as a result of a modification.


1 Answer

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Hi Mike,

You'll want to check out Solution-soft's ( Time Machine virtual clocks tool that safely gets around Windows domain issues related to Active Directory (kerberos) in application testing. Can test in future, past, speed up your virtual clocks, etc., all safely. System clock still used for log and file stamps, etc. Extremely useful and time saving tool. Besides Windows, versions are also available for UNIX and Linux.  You can also download from the Solution-Soft website for a free POC. Roy Sampson


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