Do you know of a free tool to run performance tests on IOS?

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Tom Adubato asked on October 20, 2015 - 2:29pm | Replies (1).

Trying to find a free tool to run load tests on a company-made IOS app.  Ipad, Iphone.  Something easier than Jmeter.

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Dmitri T replied on October 26, 2015 - 2:44pm.

JMeter is the only GUI-based load testing tool. I've heard some opinions regarding code based tools are better so some people consider i.e. Gatling or Grinder more logical and readable and if you're fine with Scala or Python coding you can try these tools out. 

However I would stick to JMeter, and here are options which can make your life easier:

  • Mobile Recorder - service which simplifies the process of recording mobile device network activity. Result can be exported to JMeter
  • Taurus - automation framework which supports several underlying tools including Selenium and aforementioned JMeter, Gatling and Grinder. Simplicity is Taurus main motto, it makes process of configuring, executing and results analysis much easier. 

All above tools are absolutely free.

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