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Trish stone asked on April 18, 2014 - 6:34pm | Replies (3).

I was recently asked how would I test a cheeseburger, followed up with how would I performance test a cheeseburger.

I've had other questions like how to write a test for a Coke machine, etc. I've never had this one.  

Any advice?

I just want to do the best I can on the next interview. Any tips would really be appreciated.


Thank you.

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Dan Walk replied on April 23, 2014 - 10:20am.

Main function of a cheeseburger is to quickly still hunger.

So, how our product perform in comparison with competitors (or with previous versions of our cheeseburgers - f.e. we are testing a new recipe, or cheese from other supplier)?

Lets choose our cheeseburger's KPIs:

Cost efficiency - what is the cost of our burger vs McDonalds vs Burger King per one cheeseburger? Per weight of whole product? Per weight of meat and cheese?

How many calories do we have in our product in comparison with competitors cheeseburgers? 

How many cheeseburgers do we need to still hunger (our one vs MD vs BK)? 

How quick can the cheeseburger be delivered to customer after order is done? What is the maximal quantity of cheeseburgers we can deliver during an hour? - For last two KPIs we think that our technological process of cooking is included in concept of cheeseburger as a product. Actually these KPIs are KPIs of the process, not of a ready cheeseburger.

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The first answer is pretty good from a performance side now let's ask look at functional tests. I'd start with asking what were the business requirements of the burger. Was there a cooking requirement (well done, medium rare, etc). Next I'd find out about any requirements of the bun or condiments. Once you have all of that info you can adequately test if it meet its business guidelines. Then you can move on to testing taste yourself and do UAT after that. That may seem like over kill but if its an interview question you want to be thorough!

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In an interview with such an unusual question; chances are they have been trained to look for one word... "Requirements"

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