Can you suggest some top testing frameworks used by Android App Testing Services?

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As you know, nowadays there is a wide demand for android apps. This has increased the number of Android App Testing Services in recent years. As users demand for quality apps publishers have to depend on testing services. Testing companies use numerous frameworks to make your app user friendly. Can you suggest some top testing frameworks used by Android App Testing Services?


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Arguably the most popular UI testing tool is WebDriver. There is a binding specifically for Android that will do the trick when you use it with a proxy like Appium. If you want to test at the service layer, I would suggest looking into API testing frameworks in your programming language of choice.

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Android App Testing Services is in great demand and is considered as one of the important testing practice, as day by day, we see drastic growth in mobile app development, i.e. each day, lots of mobile apps are developed, which could be for Android or iOS. Mobile test automation provides various test solutions, which help you to verify and validate the overall functioning of the mobile apps. 

Some of the most useful and preferred testing frameworks/tools for Android app automation testing are:

1. Appium: It is a open source test automation framework for mobile web apps.

2. TestingWhiz: TestingWhiz allows you to automate mobile web testing for Android and iOS on a variety of browsers, operating systems and emulators. It is powered by Appium, which lets you automate tests of any native and hybrid mobile apps from UI level down to the complete back-end and functional-level testing on real devices and simulators.

3. Robotium: This is a test automation tool, used for Android development.

Among these tools, I would like to suggest you to use TestingWhiz, as it has the integration of Appium, which will indirectly help you to have a brief knowledge of these tools. Also this tool is one of the most user-friendly and easy to learn test automation tool, because of its code-less scripting feature.

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Hello, I would like to suggest you this automated testing platform QAppAssure by MOZARK

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Any kind of app, native iOS or Android, or Hybrid, Appium works perfectly well for all kind of your android app testing needs. Some other options that you might like to consider can be Kobiton, Test Complete, and Selendroid.  

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In my opinion, if you ask me the most user-friendly and easy-to-use test framework for Android apps, you can simply go for Appium. Derived from selenium, Appium is made to simplify all your mobile app testing needs irrespective of the platform.  

Apart from this, if you need to consider some other options, you can choose from React Native, Xamarin, Calabash, or UI Automator.  

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I guess Espresso, Selendroid, Appium are some of the top testing frameworks used by most professionals.

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