Can you explain random/monkey testing?

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steve joy asked on December 29, 2020 - 12:02pm | Replies (1).

Can you explain random/monkey testing?

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Nandini S replied on March 31, 2023 - 12:58pm.

Monkey testing is a type of testing technique that involves randomly generating input data and actions to test an application's behavior and identify any defects or vulnerabilities. It is a form of exploratory testing that simulates real-world usage scenarios by introducing unexpected and unusual inputs and interactions.


The idea behind monkey testing is that by introducing random input and actions, the application is pushed to its limits, revealing any flaws or defects that may have gone unnoticed during traditional testing. The testing can be performed manually or automated using tools that simulate user input and actions.


Monkey testing can be particularly useful for identifying boundary cases and error conditions that may not be apparent during normal usage scenarios. However, it should be noted that monkey testing alone is not a replacement for structured testing, as it does not provide comprehensive test coverage and may not be able to identify specific functionality or requirements that need to be tested.


Overall, monkey testing is a useful complementary testing technique that can help improve the overall quality of an application by uncovering defects that may have gone undetected through traditional testing.

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