Can Software Testing Improve the Quality of Software?

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Using software testing services, companies are able to deliver quality products. App quality is the most crucial factor in the success of the mobile app. Software testing plays a vital role in quality assurance. Can software testing improve the quality of software?

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Testing can improve the quality of software on so many levels.  Testing also can take many forms, depending on the situation - timeframe, budget, resources, maturity of app and company, mission critical nature.  Testing is the only way to measure the compliance of the software to written and implied requirements and fitness for service.  Testing asks the questions that you will want to know about your software.  So if you define quality as compliance to requirements and fitness for purpose, testing will definitely improve the quality of software by providing the tool to measure that quality and enable the software to comform as closely as possibly within the given project parameters to that quality.

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It depends on the kind of testing.

A formal test has no effect to the quality, because there is no direct feedback loop to the developer.
Agile or explorative testing can improve the quality, when you got the right person in the right place. You need tester with a bright system knowledge, how think outside the box.

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Most organizations across the globe are facing the complexity of implementing and integrating SMAC technologies to connect with customers efficiently and effectively. For your information, most applications when pushed to production are not found to be tested properly and this leads to disruptions in user experience by missing critical features. To avoid bad user experience and revenue loss, enterprises need to consider end-to-end software testing to improve the quality of software applications. I suggest you to check this page - Independent Software Testing Services, Quality Assurance Services to know about how software testing services improves business agility.. Cheers!

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Indeed! Software testing services are all about improving the quality of the developed product. Either it is usability, functionality, performance, user experience, or security, software testing allows tracking of initial flaws within the code that might create glitches in real-world use.  

Yet, the only thing that might affect the outcomes is the effectiveness of test suites. In order to achieve the perfection with the software testing, it is vital that the software testing service provider should have the right knowledge of the testing techniques, tools, best practices, and implementation.  

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