can any one explain about the challenges during selenium automation project?

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kumaran s asked on November 9, 2018 - 2:33am | Replies (2).

i was attended interview in one big MNC company. there interviewer asked 'what are the challenges you facing during selenium script'. so can any one please share your experience to me. it will very helpfull for further round of interview.

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SELENIUM automates the browser to mimic real user actions on the web. As the web gets more complex, using the Selenium testing approach has become increasingly popular. Although it has made web testing far easier for many teams and organizations across the world, it still has its fair share of challenges due it’s open source nature.Most of the issues that testers experience have fairly straightforward solutions, which is why we outlined the

most common Selenium challenges :

  • Pop-up Windows.
  • Dynamic Content.
  • Flakiness.
  • Mobile Testing. 
  • Limited Reporting. 
  • Multi-tab Testing.
  • Manual Testing.
  • Scalability.

Resource of article :


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S Tonde replied on June 20, 2020 - 10:05am.

Selenium framework can get complex. Especially, if not practiced enough. Here are so of the challenges with Selenium Automation:

Handling Pop-UpsThough Selenium does not support native OS-based dialog windows, there are extensions that you might use to overcome this shortcoming. As an example, you can incorporate Selenium with AutoIt, a capacity to automate Windows-based UIs. Depending upon the language which you're using to write the script, then you may have to use a bridge between Selenium and AutoIt, including Jacob COM bridge in Java.


The next challenge in Selenium testing for responsive design testing would be to check on cellular operating systems. This poses a challenge, as a substantial number of users have content on their mobile devices. The Selenium household provides a testing frame, Appium, which helps programmers test content on native mobile operating systems. Appium employs the WebDriver protocol to automate mobile program testing.

Mobile Testing

Even though the usage of pop-ups is generally not advocated over simpler alternatives, people who use it might find it somewhat tiresome to mechanically write tests in Selenium to take care of pop-ups. Although it's possible to take care of pop-ups by the browser through WebDriver, OS-based pop-ups are beyond the scope of Selenium testing, which makes it one of the top constraints of Selenium. A typical illustration of a non-browser-based pop-up will be your request to keep a downloaded executable file.

Among the best challenges faced in Selenium automation is that the managing of dynamic content. Selenium solves it using the explicit wait attribute, where you specify a last-minute time for your automation testing procedure to wait for new content to load. The other alternative is to utilize the implicit wait attribute, though results are generally not well defined.

Dynamic Online Content

In the last few decades, there's been a push towards single-page internet applications. The content that's present on the page when it loads changes through hidden components or is requested from the server on the fly, thus making both the structure and content fluid. Selenium Training is important to avoid these pitfalls.

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