Best automation tool between QTP (now UFT) and TestComplete.

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jody Maxwell asked on February 16, 2015 - 9:13pm | Replies (3).

I work in the healthcare industry and we are looking to bring a tool in-house for automation. Currently our billing application is done in Java Swing and I have found capatibility issues using Selenium against Swing, but not sure about QTP or TestComplete.

Any insight on the better of the two and why would be incredibly helpful. Thank you in advance.



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Will recommend UFT over Test Complete. QTP/UFT is more flexible in identifying the objects and with its ability to incorporate artificial intelligence you can write better regression tests.

Hope this helps. Jerry.

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I've used both QTP and TestComplete to automate a complex oil and gas exploration software application. I found QTP to be rather cumbersome and TestComplete easier to use. But this was 3 to 5 years ago and the two applications may have been improved since then. TestComplete was 64-bit compatible earlier than QTP and that was the reason our shop went with it.

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Roc Muto replied on April 10, 2015 - 10:33am.

We use TestComplete, the SUT is an enterprise suite of applications done in everything from VB, Java, and .net WPF apps. Like any automation tool TestComplete has its strengths and weaknesses. I haven’t used QTP/UFT.

What we liked:

At the time cost of TestComplete was significantly less than QTP.

We were able to have our development team create custom extensions for our custom controls so we could automate those in TestComplete.

Keyword tests were easier for our less technical QA personnel to use.

Like a lot of tools plan out what you’ll be doing for an object repository/mapping or if you’ll be dynamically finding and interacting with the UI.

TestComplete has something called NameMapping that is the repository. Items are then interacted with via there “Alias”.

 Good luck in your search.


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