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alan barona asked on April 17, 2018 - 11:48pm | Replies (3).

I was just assigned recently to a new role to lead and develop a Quality Engineering Team, our first task is to conduct software testing for a reporting application that our organization is currently developing.  We already have some test plans, test cases and test steps developed (in excel format), but I was hoping if we can automate the QA testing as well as UAT using the an automated testing.  Will you be able to recommend what available software or applications we can use to do this?  

I saw selenium as one option, but we are still trying to explore it, but we may need a tool that is much easier and user firendly.

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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The easiest way to automate would be to use a Codeless Automated Testing platform... Since those are user-friendly and don't need a lot of learning to get started. 

They'd really give you and your team a break, now it's all about what works for you. 

As far as I'm concered, I personally recommend Endtest mostly because it's intuitive, you can create tests without having to code, you can run them on their cross-browser cloud infrastructure and you've also got the functionality for Self-Healing tests, which is using Machine Learning to automatically maintain your tests.

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You can consider appium for your project. Appium is used primarily for testing Native, Hybrid, or Web applications in mobile devices (iOS or Android), in which Selenium is the most popular tool for automated testing of desktop web apps. 

Benefits of appium testing:

  • Automates Various Types of Mobile Apps.

  • Does not require App Code Recompilation.

  • Allows Testers to Use Real Devices, Emulators, and Simulators.

  • Enables Testers to Automate Apps without Adding Extra Components.

  • Provides a Record and Playback Tool.

  • Facilitates Test Execution without Server Machines.

A great platform for appium as well as selenium mobile app testing is QAppAssure by MOZARK. You can test on-cloud and on-field devices, across 100+ device, make and models, Integrate with Jira, CI/CD tools and also use Appium, Calabash, Espresso, UIAutomator, XCUITest.

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Automated Testing is a software testing methodology where the agents and programs test the application's functionality. This method is suitable for applications with pre-defined schema and clear rules, making it much easier to automate.

It's no secret that software development has evolved. With new technologies, such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), now becoming mainstream, there are many benefits that organizations can reap from using these emerging technologies in software development. For example, these advancements have made it possible for organizations to streamline their production cycles by conducting more tests at scale.

The future of automated Testing looks promising, with AI tools being used increasingly often in the industry, especially for checking out whether a software application meets its business requirements or not.



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