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I'm tasked to enhance the UAT certificate sign-off,would like to request the content which are suitable to be in a UAT ceritificate document. those who have sample my email is: [email protected]


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what kind of matrix is used for pairwise or all paris testing?


I am going to take a Certified Tester Foundation Level. I would like to know what is the test # to enroll.

Is it CTFL_001 or BH0-010.





In real world, there are many situations in which a tester has condition of limited time. So, which functionality of app should test in this time period??

what can bethe unique test cases for website testing?

Is there any open source tools available to be used for load testing on cloud. I am aware that Loadrunner would be best choice but i have to choose open source tool only.

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What is big data? Is it going to replace Oracle DB ?

What is Apache Hadoop?

There is often talk about how to acknowledge and reward for performance on teams.  I've always wondered, how you would identify and acknowledge the contributions specifically of testers on your team, as opposed to the developers or managers who may lead teams.

Most documentation that I have located to date only cover defect types and triggers for in process software development, I'm looking for a list of Triggers typically used to classify pose release defects.

For example: A company has claimed that they have created a pen that can write upto 45 kms, how a tester can test this pen that it is correct and pen can write up to 45kms. What kind of test cases will be required.

I'm assign to introduce testing to organisation that don't know anything regarding testing. I would like to have tips or material that i can use as a start to have their buy in.


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