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What strategy are teams utilizing for determining the type and variety of mobile devices on which to test?

I recently completed my study in software Quality Assurance and Testing from Centennial College, Toronto,Canada.

From where i get experience?

In which title i can start my career?


SIT UAT harmonization is a concept where by both teams have synergy from begining of STLC phase. SIT team shares test cases with them. UAT team reviews it, Any duplicate test cases between SIT and UAT are removed. This results in both teams executing unique test cases and thereby resulting in cost savings.


Any white paper on above concept?

I have had a hard time finding any kind of testing issues/guides for testing Windows 8 Surface Pro, any help?

For one of the several applications I test, we're importing a significant amount of data from one database to another.  My PM has asked for me to research some "Best Practices" on how best to verify that the data imported correctly.  Do you have any suggestions on where I could find some "Best Practices" to support my testing effort?



I am trying to make a proposal for automation testing of a e-learning website.

Our team is looking to implement new metrics and I'm a fan of capturing DRE; however, I'm curious how others are calculating DRE within their organizations?  Specifically, when implementing this metric for an existing project that has already had numerous releases and has a number of existing defects in backlog, some of which will end up pushed to future releases and then probably pushed again.

I am searching some articles about sofware installation/uninstallation. Which are things what must have tested, best practices, creating test cases and so on.

Thanks for help :)

Can someone please point me in the right direction to find out more information about what the role of a QA Engineer is like within an Agile team?  Books, articles, videos etc anything to help me understand what the role is like, what is expected of the QA individual etc.  My reseach so far has made it difficult to identify which parts are QA and hich are Dev.

Have have no QA experience but I am think of applying for an internal position, which would be in an Agile team.


Many thanks for any advice, hints and tips :0)




I want to submit articles and whitepapers on software testing on this site. Please guide me for the same. For now, I have a whitepapers written already.





Sumit Gautam

What are the different kinds of standard metrics that needs to be considered for a product at different stages including during inhouse testing and after release of the product to the Clients.

Suggestions and input welcome


Please help, i would like to know what a reference set is. I have seen it in most of the research papers and they mostly use it in conjunction with test cases. What is a reference set and how does it differ from a test case.


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