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I am trying to test native iOS app with jmeter ( I am new to jmeter testing), any help with how to configure jmeter on master and on iOS will be appreciated.

With TCP sampler pointing to the server ip in testing and port in testing, this error is displayed:

Response code: 500

Response message: Connection timed out: connect


Test techniques are utilised in testing (ie partition testing)? Was wondering if anyone has a link to a study / white paper on the subject of Testingrequirements?

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Hi, I have 4 years of exp in oracle apps.but there is maternity gap of 6 years,want to work again.I am now interested in Testing.plz advise how to start it?

Trying to find a free tool to run load tests on a company-made IOS app.  Ipad, Iphone.  Something easier than Jmeter.

I am currently trying to automate Adobe CQ5 web based application using Selenium Web driver. Is it feasible to automate this application? As this applications is basically designed by the BA guys by selecting the standard templates and design the page by drag and drop the components from sidekick and provide the properties for the components.  Then activate the designed page.  Once the page is activated the user can publish the page.  Any suggestions please!!

when doing cross browser testing what points shoud to be consider.this question includes testing in mobile devices as well

I am working on a project where we migrate the data between different databases or across database. We run queries to test requirments but I want to automate the things. We use tools like SQL Server, Oracle, SSIS, Informatica. Can we use QTP or any other automation tool for such testing?

What is the difference between Test plan and Test strategey

I was hoping you might be able to provide some direction on creating decision tables.  There are about 11 different promotions and each promotion triggers a different set of actions such as a discount on a Basic membership, or a discount on a Plus membership

We are using two Separate bug tracking tools (one for the core product and one for customisations). We want to merge them together because

1) we are finding that our customers need fixes before our core dept gets them merged into the core product

2) many bugs are fixed in the core product and our customers have not or choose not to upgrade. Often they don't know which build has the fix.

3) there is duplicate effort in both departments

Both teams are using Scrum 

Dear All

I am just joined Stickminds and this is my first question. I am in solution team of this new organization which i have recently joined. As part of the solutioning team I am responcible for giving solution to RFP's (Request for Proposals).

Can somebody guide me in how to write good proposals. Any links,notes etc will do for reference.

Awaiting reply from experts.







With Technology disruptions happening in fast pace, testing gets embeded as part of the development and testing as a phase may not exist, so what is the futuer of testing professionals after 10 years from now. What is the future ?


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