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I did my degree in correspondence am i eligible for IT field if so h

Want to develop a proposal mgmt system to colloborate and create..what softwares are your choices? the system should serve as a content repositary and provide manage, organize, format and control versions and retain the history of the users. Also to allow the repurposing of the old content whenever it requires. What all the softwares need to be used and approximate timeline to develop a system with a team size of 3?

We use Team Foundation Server for development and testing. Our Director has told our scrum master to go to 1-week sprints AND remove testing tasks from the product backlog to change the definition of "Done". We could use a suggestion on how to ensure we get testing tasks assigned, and track their progress, when our only tools are TFS and Google Docs. Having been forced to use Google Docs to track testing in the past, I expect issues trying to share -- for instance -- a spreadsheet to do this. Tasks could be forgotten or missed. Updates may go uncommunicated.

I am interested in the others' take on visual testing alongside funtional testing with tools like Applitools?

Hello all,
I am a software Tester having around 2 years of experince in testing webbased applications. here I want to change my title from testing to automation. I have  the basic adia how to tet the software with QTP tool. But I want to learn more about how to write automation test scripts for regression, smoke, and for functional testing.

Any one can help me. Thanks in advance for your suggestions..


How do I submit an artilce?


I have recently started my career in Software Testing. In my company there is no tool used in software testing. So I need some suggested tools which are free for Linux OS. It maybe a defect reporting tool or any other testing tool
Thank you

Hi, my name is Alex. I am a signor tech-support specialist with 16 + years of experience supporting web application.

Want to switch gears from tech support to QA / Testing, but don’t know how to approach the task. Would appreciate the help. Basically need to understand how to start and which software / application - automation to learn to start with?

I have a total experience of 6 years in ETL/DATABASE testing. As of now I don't have any certifications. Which certifications will be suitable for me for my better career growth and my own development of skill set.

‘Is there a need for the Testers be technical?’ is a frequently asked question and we have been hearing more of this question only since the last decade. This is because more and more organizations and companies today are considering to adopt ‘Agile’ approach to their processes. All the people and teams in organizations who are getting used to ‘Agile Methodology’ agree that testers need to do more than testing and not testing.

Previous conferences of Star West and the agile methodology in general have accepted the concept that testers and programmers are both subsets of the developer category. Is this still the accepted definition or are programmers the only team members that are considered developers.


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